Baby Meets Moon

All children should be welcomed. Every new life deserves to be introduced to the earth, family, and body they were born in to. Every community is enriched by acknowledging and giving thanks for the baby. 

A welcoming ceremony can look a multitude of ways and doesn’t need to be ornate or extravagant. I encourage all new parents of new people to take the time to honor the arrival of their child in their own way. 

In anticipation of the upcoming full moon and lunar eclipse, I want to share this moon focused  baby blessing ceremony. I crafted this when I was just one day postpartum and we performed it in the bright light of his first full moon. 

Feel free to use or modify it as you see fit.  



May 29, 2018


  1. Gratitude for him

  2. Aquatint him with his gifts and inheritance by naming them

  3. Set him up for a healthy relationship with the moon and earth

  4. Celebrate


  1. Salt

  2. Water in silver bowl

  3. Sage and lighter


  • Daniel 2:19
  • Harold and the Purple Crayon
  • The Maywomyn’s Blessing
  • Moon Shadow by Cat Stevens


  • Light Sage (plant not person) We open this sacred time by connecting worlds and truths through the smoke of the smudge stick. Tonight we honor the connection of this new life to earth and stars and moon and sky. We invite the spirit of God into this ceremony as we begin with a reading.
  • Give thanks (mother reading)
  • Touch feet to ground and see moon shadow We honor this new life and introduce him to his mother earth. May the earth hold him and root him in his strength and wisdom. Parents please touch your child’s feet to the ground and let it hold his weight for a moment.
  • Name gifts and strengths (father reading)
  • Introduce him to the moon by full name We stand tonight in the light of the flower moon to raise this child to the heavens and let him be seen by the open sky. May the open sky call him to evolve into all his fullness. Parents please hold your child up and speak his name aloud.
  • Healthy relationship (moon reading)
  • Water Blessing We honor the light of the moon. It shines into darkness to illuminate that which is deeply felt but just on the edge of contiousness. May the moon bless this child with its mystical and secret wisdom. May it remind him to shine his light into darkness, to build fires of love in times of need and to connect with his world as he grows towards his truth. (Prepare salt water to be blessed by the moon and used in his first bath)
  • Celebrate with a dance We close this time together in gratitude and celebration. Sage Daniel has been held to the earth and lifted to the sky, his name has been spoken and his life is begun. May it be a life filled with joy, truth, and love. In gratitude for his life we dance in the light of the flower moon.(moon shadow by Cat Stevens)