Celebrant Services

A celebrant is someone who facilitates rituals and ceremonies. When in the role of celebrant, I think of my self as a counselor, artesian, hostess, and performer. First, I use my counseling and coaching skills to collect information about the tone and meaning of the sacrament. Then, I start writing and I  weave together a unique ceremony. Finally, I pull out my inner emcee and lead the participants through the event with a gentle charisma.

Ask my clients, I do a great job of invoking both the joy and the peace, of putting everyone at ease and calling everyone in to the moment; so that you can be fully present for your own ceremony.

"My husband and I were really worried about pleasing his family, while staying true to ourselves at the same time. We met with Genevieve, and she created a ceremony so perfect, that I wouldn't have noticed if everything else had gone wrong." -Jade, Austin
"That was SO WONDERFUL! YOU, my dear, are a ray of Light from the Heart of God. I loved the flow of our blessing ritual, your intuitive guidance, and heartfelt Loving Kindness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for blessing our new space." -Billy, Austin
"Genevieve helped friends grieve, breathe, and remain true to our friend as we planned everything together. There's something very soothing about her voice that carried through the planning stage with a small group and into officiating in front of a large crowd. Genevieve didn't steal the show but her presence remains with you afterwards. You know it wouldn't have been the same without her guidance and support." -Diana, Austin
"After 30 years of marriage, sometime it's difficult to remember all the things we mean to each other.  Your ceremony to renew our wedding vows was inspired. Thank you, Genevieve." -Lee, Houston

Listed bellow are the most popular services available. As a guide ceremony planning sessions generally last 90 minutes and I travel within a 25 mile range of Austin city center.  Celebrant rates start at $150 and adjust from there based on the size of the event, materials needed, and services requested.


Weddings and Vow Renewals

Mark your commitment with an original and one of a kind wedding ceremony or vow renewal. The details of weddings can be so overwhelming, you may just forget why you are doing what you are doing. Stay focused on the main event...your love and commitment!


House and office Blessings

Make your new space your own or refresh the energy in an old setting. House blessings are a great way to bring your family on to the same page and Office Blessings make a fun and unique team building experience.


Mother Blessings and Baby Welcoming

Invite yourself in to parenthood and welcome new people in to your life. Pick what works for you; a Mother's Way Blessing, Baby Naming Ceremony, or Baptism. I also do rituals at Baby Showers...super fun and meaningful for all. 

Memorial Services

I gently invite you to make meaning and find peace as you honor the life of a loved one.

I also offer grief counseling for groups and indivduals.

Weddings and Vow Renewals


Congratulations. This is a day all about your personal love story.  How will you tell it? What will you say? What joy and journey starts today? There is an art to making beautiful weddings, but the more important art is developing a beautiful marriage.  Be Present and Prepared for "I Do".

Not sure if a celebrant is right for your wedding? Read 5 Reasons to Hire a Celebrant and figure out what a celebrant can offer.

*$480 - $700

  • 80 min expressive arts ceremony design session

  • 50 min Gottman based pre-marital counseling sessions

  • Original ceremony script and online editing

  • Travel within a 25 Mile radius of 78703 zip code

  • 45 min rehearsal with unlimited number of participants

  • Coordination with other wedding vendors as needed

  • Pre-ceremony emotional/spiritual support

  • Expert officiation of event and official signature on legal documents

*Price based on services provided


Free Ceremony Crafting Resources

Planning your own wedding ceremony can be overwhelming. The following resources were developed by Genevieve Saenz and are offered for your use in your own ceremony planing. Feel free to use them at no cost to plan your event. Many blessings in your life together!

House or Office Blessings

Starts at $180

  • travel within a 25 mile radius of austin city center

  • 30 min pre-ceremony design session on day of

  • Facilitation of a unique house or office blessing ceremony

  • Use of art supplies and ceremonial objects

Mother To Be Blessing

(Great idea for Baby Showers!!)

Starts at $180

  • travel within a 25 mile radius of austin city center

  • 30 min pre-ceremony design session on day of

  • Facilitation of a unique mother-to-be blessing ceremony

  • Use of art supplies and ceremonial objects

Naming  or Welcoming Ceremonies

Starts at $180

  • travel within a 25 mile radius of Austin city center

  • 30 min pre-ceremony design session on day of

  • Facilitation of naming or welcoming ceremony 

  • Use of art supplies and ceremonial objects

Separation and Divorce Honorings

Please consider honoring this time with a unique (and much needed) sacrament. It can be done as a private ritual designed just for you, something you do with your ex, or something done with a group of loved ones. Check out the Pinterest board bellow for ideas. The typical service fee is between $150 and $300 dollars. Get in touch with Genevieve directly to learn more and chat about your story. 512-436-3843 or passagewayarts@gmail.com

Memorial and Funeral Services

 Memorial and funeral rates vary based on size, needs, and location. The typical service fee is between 200 and 600 dollars. Please get in touch directly to learn more and chat about your needs. 512-436-3843 or passagewayarts@gmail.com