About PassageWay Arts

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PassageWay Arts is an Austin, Texas based business that provides counseling and celebrant services.

Clients are creative types, looking for help as they navigate the waves of change. Grief, doubt, or anxiety has taken hold of their thoughts and while they have a sense of their impending new life, they just can’t quite get there on their own.

Those who come to this work, want to build paths out of their pain and isolation so that they can move towards wholeness.

Some want individual or relationship therapy others are in need of a celebrant to design and officiate a ceremony; wedding, memorial service, house warming, or other sacrament.

The common thread is that they find them selves at a threshold, and desire a more conscious and creative way to change. 


About Genevieve

Hi y'all, I am Genevieve. (Heads up, I am both a very silly and a very serious person.)
I use compassionate counseling, the creative arts, and sacred ceremony to create consciousness and ease the pain of change.
As a healing professional, I aim to be both gentle and radically honest. 
As a celebrant, I call on that which is both me and larger than myself to evoke mystery and wonder.
As an expressive arts teacher, my goal is to lovingly invite people to their own power

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The magic happens when clients CAN BE  fully present for their own transformation.

The thing I love most in life are those moments when real stuff happens... when someone steps into their own truth. You know the feeling; the room falls silent and everyone gets goose bumps. I crave being a part of those moments, and I want to do it every day. 

The first place where I felt this electric authenticity happening was the theatre, then the classroom, the church, and the therapy office. I have studied, apprenticed and worked professionally in all of these arenas; chasing the goose bumps

Eventually I learned that I could conjure up these magic moments of expression anywhere...and I do; at work, at home, and at play.

I am a misfit; trying all the things and doing them more passionately than perfectly. Many things appeal to me: dance, music, painting, theatre, gardening, party planning... but mostly I am a poet. The other hobbies and artistic mediums are all fun and games; poetry calls me home and shakes me up.

I love being shaken up and I work hard to shake things up when needed, because being shaken up usually leads straight to goose bumps. 


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate #202925

California Institute of Integral Studies, MA in Counseling Psychology with a focus on the Expressive Arts

20+ hours of Post-graduate drama therapy training from the Living Arts Counseling Center

University of Texas at Austin, BFA

Ordained Interfaith Minister - I have performed over 100 ceremonies!!

Certified Life Coach with the Life Coach Institute

Bereavement Counselor at Hospice Austin

Member of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association

Wife and mother of two