In Bloom

Oh boy, central Texas is alive with renewal.

I always want to write about flowers at this time of year because, in Austin, the beauty of the wildflowers feels like a joyful invasion of color. They spring out from the yellow dullness of dead winter grasses and fill my world with renewing energy.

I know that we all see them, those patches of delicate life on the side of the freeway or in the field behind the grocery store. How could you miss them? 

The springtime invites us to see our own beauty and goodness mirrored in nature. Each flower is a reminder of those things in our lives that are truly, and delightfully, good.

I feel the spirit of wildflowers in my work as a therapist and celebrant. Each client I sit with is a gift of color and surprise. Each ceremony I craft and perform brings new life to familiar roads. It is a slow build, but my private practice is begining to bloom and I can now imagine the fruits of an abundant career in front of me.

Ah, springtime; what a joy!

I hope you feel the same. I hope you have a person or a place in your life where you can truly be yourself; where you can grow, thrive, and know that all is well. 

...And if you some how forget how wonderful you are, simply look out your car window and notice the sweet, vibrant beauty of nature. This is also your springtime; what parts of you are in bloom?