Add-on-rituals can be inserted seamlessly in to any ceremony, just as a reading or prayer might be. The list bellow is just for reference add-on rituals can be amended or created as needed. Get in contact to find out more about these rituals or to inquire about adding your own.

The examples of add-on-rituals listed here are drawn from multiple cultural contexts. Clients often find more meaning in choosing or crafting an add-on-ritual that stems from their own cultural heritage. 

* labyrinth walk
* musical improvisation
* hand fastening/binding
* sand ceremony
* water blessing
* sacred sage burning
* time capsule
* tree planting
* guided meditation
* live art process
* jumping the broom
* unity candle
* breaking a glass or dish
* getting or receiving gifts
* butterfly or dove release
* bonfire
* child's blessing
* chanting
* wine box ceremony
* blessing quilt
* signing a contract

A la carte prices for add on rituals range from $50-$200