About PassageWay Arts

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PassageWay Arts is a business based in Austin, Texas that provides counseling and celebrant services.

Clients are of diverse backgrounds, ages, religions, genders, and orientations. Some are looking for individual or couple's counseling to help them navigate the waves of change. Others are seeking a celebrant and ceremony designer to officiate a wedding, memorial service, house blessing, or other sacrament. The common thread is that they find them selves at a point of transition, and are seeking a more conscious and creative way to change. 


About Genevieve

Hi, I am Genevieve Saenz, MA, LMFTA; therapist, celebrant, and expressive arts teacher. PassageWay Arts is my business and my calling. I use compassionate counseling, creative activities, and sacred ceremony to help people move through rites of passage in healthy and transformative ways.

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I started my career in the theatre with a BFA from UT Austin in Theater in Dance. In 2005 I moved to New York to write, direct, and produce. To support myself while directing, I worked as a theatre and visual arts teacher. It was then that I started noticing how my students were impacted by art making. There was so much going on in their lives. Their emotions, thoughts, and inexpressible experiences were finding a way out in their paintings, crafts, and improv scenes. 

In 2009 I moved from New York City to San Francisco to get my masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with a focus on the expressive arts. That same year I performed my first wedding, weddings led to baby blessings, which led to all kinds of other rituals...and I never stopped.

While in San Francisco, I was honored to train in dramatherapy techniques with Armand Volkas of the Living Arts Center. I went through the geriatric training program at AgeSong Institute as a counseling intern to residents living with dementia. That work, along with my work with Hospice Austin has provided me with  keen insight into the importance of rituals and ceremony when working with loss.

My family moved back to Austin in 2012 where I started Passagewayarts to house my professional work as a celebrant.  In 2016 I expanded my business and began accepting clients in private practice as a marriage and family therapist.

The work is done when clients can walk away feeling they have been fully present for their own transformation.


Liscenced Marriage and Family Therapy Associate #202925

California Institute of Integral Studies, MA in Counseling Psychology with a focus on the expressive arts

University of Texas at Austin, BFA

Ordained Interfaith Minister - I have performed nearly 100 unique ceremonies to date

Twogether in Texas Facilitator

Life Coach Institute - Certified Life Coach

Wife and mother of two