Event Facilitation

"Genevieve you were magical. I'm eternally in debt to you. You made the day so elegant and casual at the same time. It is hard to explain how great it was but it just felt perfectly right." 


"Our wedding was perfect thanks to you! I was looking back through our book you made us and so happy to have something to relive the whole ceremony and celebration."       

 "Rev Saenz is highly personable and utterly charming. On our wedding day she was very focused on making sure we were thinking about the commitment we were about to make rather than vendors and other minutiae it's so easy to get wrapped up in." 


Ceremony Design

 "It was really awesome how in sync she was with both my quirky friends and their much more conservative parents. Definitely a wonderful person to guide a sacrament, and a great speaker as well."    


"We began by talking about how we wanted to do things, and she had the most beautiful ideas that were so in sync with what we were already thinking. She will go out of her way to make sure everything is just how you want it. Everything felt like it was created just for us, and it was.



Meaning Making

"After 30 years of marriage, sometime it's difficult to remember all the things we mean to each other.  Your ceremony to renew our wedding vows was inspired.  Thank you, Genevieve."  

"You were excellent with asking powerful questions!!! You did a wonderful job creating awareness." 


 "I appreciated that you thought about including my children and step children. That made the whole thing much more special." 


Writing and Public Speaking


"it is a small thing, but to be able to write is communication at its ultimate best- you can convey through your writing."   


 "I just tripped over your blog and couldn't stop reading. It feels like home." 


"Genevieve can really hold a group  hostage with her clear, eyes, strong voice, and beautiful words"


"I thought your workshop provided a safe and encouraging atmosphere to get outside of my comfort zone. I walked away with strong resolve to practice my intention." -Making Room Participant 2014

Earth Connect Workshop 2014

Earth Connect Workshop 2014


"I will second what I heard from another participant, that it was great to make time to set a goal and go into the new year with it in mind. We don't really take the time to do that before each new year and it is certainly a practice I would like to continue." - Making Room Participant 2014

" This gave me time to focus on my heart and all the types of love in my life." -Art of the Heart Participant 2014

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