Therapeutic Style


Like most therapists, I combine ideas and interventions that inspire me the most in to a unique style of working with clients. Bellow is a list of the therapeutic theories and techniques I draw from most often. 

  • Person Centered Therapy
  • Jungian Analysis
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • Systems Theory
  • Gottman Couples Therapy
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Experiential Therapy


Creativity and playfulness are gateways to the unconscious where help, truth, (and sometimes a bit of trouble) lie in wait for us. When we open to a creative process we open to the unconscious.
I believe that the creative process is also the spiritual process. By laying pen to paper or by strumming tune to rhythm we are invoking a grater force. Every artist will tell you that in moments of pure "flow" there is a sort of meditative magic that unfolds. This is a generative or creative force of life acting though the artist. When we tap in to our creativity, we tap in to the same force that also created the universe. Called by many names, it is that which connects us to all other things... and I believe it is also that which longs for and pushes us towards our highest good. 


Transformations can be small or large, public or private. They can last years, minutes, or days. Their wake can be brutal or barely noticed. Regardless, I believe that, evolution being what it is, they are a fact of life. You will change. 
I also believe that all life transitions happen in a three stages. 

  • Preparation- A time of great planning and anxiety where the looming change is approaching and we are separating from our past perceptions of who we are.
  • Culminating Event- The moment of "In between" when we are neither here nor there. The experience during these times is very "here and now" oriented. We may feel overwhelmed, like we can't find solid footing.
  • Acclimation- This is the "calm after the storm" where we slowly piece our selves back together. Grief can loom over this stage and thoughts of the past. However, it is also here that we settle into the new patterns of a new life. 

Honoring and recognizing life transition, whether personally or publicly, is psychologically imperative for mental health. 


"Make space in your life for the inevitable arrival of what you want"
- LaPorte

Make Space

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The Passageway office is conveniently located in North East Austin near the intersection of I-35 and 290. The nearest cross street is Cameron Road and East Highway 290.

It is decked out with a tea bar, art supplies, and plenty of playful energy to inspire you. 

I meet with individuals, couples, elders, groups, and families. 

I specialize in working with:

  • creative types
  • couples longing to connect
  • those experiencing grief and loss
  • folks in untraditional relationship structures


Make Time

I see clients weekdays and some evenings.

My practice is arts based and therapy is generally brief (a few months of weekly treatment) and focused on the stages of transition. 

Sessions last approximately 50 minutes and cost $100 for individuals and $120 for couples.

I do not accept insurance, but I may be able to create a super bill to aid you in reimbursement. 

Find out more about my Counseling Policies.


Make Magic.


Just by reading this you have already taken the first step. 

It is not easy to reach out, but doing so can begin to shift things. The most healing aspect of the therapeutic process is that you don't have to do it alone.

As your therapist, I will walk with you on your journey.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate in the state of Texas (#202925). I participate in weekly supervision sessions; where I get guidance on how to be the best therapist for each client in my practice. That means that you get two therapists for the price of one. My amazing supervisor is, Billy Lee Myers Jr., who specializes in spiritual counseling and has been in practice in Austin for over a decade.

I am LGBTQA friendly, open to working with couples who have non-traditional relationship styles, and I am cross-culturally trained to work with clients of various religious affiliations, races, ages, and genders. My technique is to warmly invite you to sit down with your own inner genius.You have all you need to grow and heal, let me help you find it.

Get in touch to schedule a meeting at my office in East Austin, and let's start dreaming about the next step.