Often when a couple is stuck in a painful pattern it is because one or both parties feel fundamentally unheard, so step one is nurturing the skill of listening and reflecting. I use Gottman and Imago theory to foster healthy communication.
Once we are able to understand one another, empathy and insight follow naturally.
A “successful” relationship is not necessarily one that lasts a life time, I invite my clients to measure success by their own health, happiness, and the ability to grow and evolve along side one another.

50- 60 min sessions, $120 with sliding scale available


Families and Groups

Like a spider’s beautiful web, we are all deeply connected to one another and the vibrations of movement within families can be felt by all.
As a systems based therapist I notice and track the whole web, right along with the individual parts. In this wholistic perspective we can see how each person’s actions effect and influence the whole and move towards a greater harmony for all.

50-90 min sessions, $120 with sliding scale available



Most of the individuals I meet with are experiencing a BIG CHANGE; like grief, career shift, relationship breakup, medical diagnosis, parenthood, etc.
I specialize in standing with clients in the midst of chaos…the waves of change.
50 min sessions, $100